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A message from Dr. Christopher Greil,

An oncologist once said to me, “When considering what cancer patients ultimately succumb to in the end, it is often a tossup between cancer itself and chemotherapy treatment that kills.  I wish there were more tools to diminish chemotherapy side effects because patients shouldn’t have to feel worse to get better.

Oncologists are trained in implementing cancer treatment strategies and prescribing drugs that treat the symptoms of chemo side effects, but are less knowledgeable about nutritional therapies which prevent and minimize these same side effects.

To remedy this shortcoming, leading cancer treatment centers now utilize an integrated approach in which the oncologist is a part of a larger team of health specialists with each considering an individual aspect of the fight against cancer, including nutritional therapy that proactively fights chemotherapy side effects.

Although these treatment centers are often both financially and geographically out of reach for most, Chemo-Shield ensures all chemotherapy patients have access to this proactively integrated nutritional approach.  At Chemo-Shield, our focus is on limiting interruptions in your chemotherapy treatment schedule by helping you to feel better.

Backed by over sixty medical publications Chemo-Shield’s ingredients reduce the total stress load placed on healthy tissue in the body, thus preventing and/or lessening the severity of some of the most debilitating side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Chemo-Shield is safe to use, oncologist approved, FDA compliant, manufactured from quality ingredients, and is the only product of its kind in the marketplace today formulated exclusively for chemotherapy patients

Make Chemo-Shield part of your daily routine,because you shouldn’t have to feel worse to get better.”

   - Dr. Christopher Greil, Chemo-Shield Co-Founder    (Read Dr. Greil's personal testimonial)

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In addition, is an excellent resource to help you navigate through your cancer treatment journey.  Feel free to explore our COMMUNITY SECTION where you can build YOUR CANCER MANAGMENT PLAN, and check out the STAYING HEALTHY ON CHEMO BLOG.

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